Terps That Will Please Any Palate!


Diamonds & Sauce

In 2019 we launched our ever so popular diamonds and sauce. We made sure that the potency and flavor matched up to our reputation with this excellent blend, suited for anyone who loves dabs that pack a punch. Who said diamonds are just a girls best friend? 


* We cycle strains regularly, however the quality ALWAYS remains the same, that's a Two Heads Guarantee! *

"Two Heads Diamonds and Sauce has smooth smoke Knockout taste and a powerful and enjoyable high. There is no throat burn or harshness. It is Smooth and Tasty from beginning to exhale. I have tried similar products on the market but i have come to rely on Two Heads standard of excellence."

Sara K.​


"I am blown away by the quality of this Diamonds and Sauce! Ever since I tried Two Heads products I never purchase anything else. Keep up the good work!"

-Charlene R.

"When I think of Two Heads I think of Terps, and they definitely didn't disappoint with their Diamonds and Sauce. My favorite strain is the OG Kush. With the piney earthy goodness and stony high you just cant go wrong. I would recommend this product to beginners and seasoned smokers alike for a pleasant and flavorful experience. I give this product a solid 10/10. Two words that best describeTwo Heads: High Quality."-Shelby M. 

"OG Kush Diamonds and Sauce. This product is amazing. I'd buy it over and over again. I love the high and earthy taste!"

-Tanner O."

Outstanding products and service’s!! Would highly recommend two heads for everyone 

- Jesus

"Super tasty top shelf product at a mid shelf price. Nice clean long lasting enjoyable experience. Highly recommended."-Ricardo R.