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Here's The Scoop On Our History

Fun Facts About Our Name

We began our legal path in Oregon, where growing pure, clean, potent, medical grade cannabis became our passion!


When Washington state was in the works to legalize marijuana for recreational use, we knew we wanted to be among the tall trees, clean waters and open air of the Washington coast. 


Growing and processing premium cannabis without the pesticides that most growers were using. That quickly became the foundation that we built our core business on. 

People that work the railroad for a long time are called "Old Heads".  Engineers are called "Hog Heads".  When you are sent home without taking the train, it's called "Dead Heading".  The owners Joe and Jim "put their heads together" to come up with "Two Heads".  Joe's better half, Brandy came up with Co. at the end so that she could smile every time she saw the T.H.C. logo. Now you can smile when you see the T.H.C. logo because you know what you are in for.... A Great High!


Between our two owners, we have over 50 years experience growing bud.  Who would of thought that sitting in the cab of the Union Pacific Railroad for over 12 years, passing the time with stories of how to grow the perfect bud, we would be able to produce the high quality products that we do today!

Two Heads Today

Two Heads Co. has grown tremendously in the last few years. From only growing and selling premium bud, to producing a consistent line of high-quality cannabis products, that our loyal fans have come to love. As this maturing industry takes off, our product line and facility is too! Our team is always innovating to keep up with the cannabis connoisseurs in this vastly expanding industry! We take pride in our brand and care for the consumer. We are Pesticide-Free, Solvent-Free .

Meet The Owners

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