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Our highest priority is producing clean, pure and flavorful cannabis products. The quality starts with the supply.  We partner with cannabis growers across WA State, that provide us with high quality cannabis input to process into your favorite distillate or concentrate cannabis product.  We require that all of our partner suppliers provide us with a list of pesticides and the growing medium used in the production of their cannabis flower.  We also require that all testing be done to the partner cannabis supply, prior to processing, to ensure that we are in compliance with WAC 314-55-015.

       What we test for: 



Microbiological contaminants

Residual solvents


Heavy Metals


In some of our products, Terpene profile

Currently, we work with a few trusted labs who make it a point to stay ahead and always apply the latest technologies for pesticide and quality control testing. 

We test every step of the way


First, raw cannabis is tested for pesticides to determine if it’s worthy of processing. Next we perform a final test on the finished product to ensure it meets our strict standards and is up to standards. If the result is anything less than perfect, we reject the batch and it never enters the marketplace.



Fat's and Lipids are removed from cannabis distillate, during the distillation process.

There is no chemical difference between cannabis derived terpenes and the same terpenes found from botanical and fruit sources.

You will never find additives in our products such as Vit E Acetate, PG (Propylene Glycol), PEG 

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