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Premium Cartridges

Two Heads premium cartridges are packed with a mixture of mouth-watering flavors and premium high-potency distillate!



The same can be said for our CBD Carts, offering a range of benefits without the strong psychoactive experience that our premiums offer!



Whether you want a discreet look or just simple convenience, Two Heads has got you covered! We have 13 premium flavors & 6 cannabis derived terpene flavors for those with a more classic palate.

Two Heads is committed to premium consistency, that doesn't stop at the material we use. Our brand ONLY uses C Cell brand hardware for our famous carts that have less than a 1% failure rating. That sets us aside from other businesses! We do not want to cut costs on what our customers consume. That is why we are trusted to only deliver top quality EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Our Cartridges Consistently Test Between 85%-92% Total Cannabinoids


CBD Cartridges Test out at 47.4% THC & 36.6% CBD

(Varies by batch)

Our Premium & Native carts come in 1 gram weights


Are you a licensed Washington State Retailer? Order directly through Cultivera

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