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Two Heads Co:
Premium Cartridges


Two Heads premium cartridges are packed with a mixture of mouth-watering flavors and premium high-potency distillate! The same can be said for our 2:1 CBD Carts, offering a range of benefits with a much mellower high! Whether you want a discreet look or just simple conveniency, Two Heads has got you covered! We have 13 premium flavors & 7 cannabis derived terpene flavors for those with a more classic palate. 


Our Cartridges Consistently Test Between 85%-92% Total Cannabinoids


CBD Cartridges Test out at 47.4% THC & 36.6% CBD

Our Premium & Native carts come in 1 gram weights


We ONLY use the highest quality C-Cell Cartridges for all of our vape carts. Low Failure ratings so you can Fly Higher with no issues!


Are you a licensed Washington State Retailer? Order directly through Cultivera

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