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Calling all dabbers! Our dabs consist of 100% fully activated THC, making them our most versatile product! Giving you a wide range of consumption possibilities! But a friendly reminder, a little goes a long way!


Our flavored Dabs consistently test out at 82% - 87% Total cannabinoids!

 & our raw Dabs test at 86% - 92% Total cannabinoids. 

Meaning you will never be disappointed when you're looking for a clean and long lasting high.

Potency is our priority, while also maintaining that amazing flavor that's equally as smooth. 

Each of our dab syringes are filled with highly purified, fractionally distilled THC that offers the best bang for your buck! We package our premium raw or flavored distillate into quality syringes and include a high heat dab tip for easy, and accurate dosing.


Available Flavors:



T-Sour Apricot

Strawberry Banana


Maui Waui

Jack Herer 


Tropical Berry

& Blackberry.

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