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Terpene Knowledge

By Definition a Terpene is any of various isomeric hydrocarbons C10H16 found present in essential oils (as from conifers) and used especially as solvents and in organic synthesis. 


Terpenes and terpenoids are everywhere. They are found in nature and are the primary constituents of the essential oils of all botanicals.

Due to the complex composition of essential oils, humans are not typically exposed to individual terpenes and terpenoids in isolation.


Flavor Profiling

Every cannabis plant has a unique Terpene profile, similar to a human fingerprint. Unfortunately, extraction can decimate this delicate Terpene profile thus changing the distinguishing taste, aroma, and effects of a cultivar.

We offer an ample amount of unique Terpene profiles that our team is able to reintroduce into our premium distillate.  

There are two categories that these unique profiles fall under,​


Native Blends®: Native blends are Terpenes found in a specific strain or combining multiple strains into one.


Inspired Blends®: Inspired blends have a native base with added botanically inspired components.

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