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CBD Products

Looking for a CBD/THC Balance? 

Concentrates in general can be a very daunting or intimidating journey. With our CBD  you can take the worry out and replace it with a mild euphoria minus the psychoactive side effects. Cannabis has so many versatile uses and this is just one of the many! Fly a little lower with CBD today!


Already an expert on concentrates? Find your nearest retailer and try our CBD out for many great benefits to your body! Can offer aide from things like anxiety all the way to epilepsy.  Please consult your doctor before self medicating!

* CBD:THC ratios can vary batch to batch *

Premium 2:1 CBD  

Whether you are starting slow, trying cannabis products for your first time or looking for the therapeutic benefits with less of the high! Our 2:1 CBD:THC products are perfect for you!

CBD flavors:

Maui Waui 


Our CBD is NOT made from Isolate. We produce all of our CBD from Washington grown flower.

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