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Extraction Services


​If you are looking to have some of your bulk flower or trim extracted, our seasoned extraction team is trained to get the highest yield possible out of your input. With a low, 40lb minimum extraction order, you'll find a quick turn around and a beautiful crude product.    Find out more


Our distillation process allows for you, our client, to determine what form

of the original flower, you would like us to produce. Whether you are looking

for the purest form of THC or CBD possible, we distill to a light golden and refined

oil unmatched by any other processor.  Find out more

Delta-8 Process

We are a licensed technology partner of The Werc Shop Delta-8 Process that finds Delta-8 potency levels of 80% Plus which is nearly    unheard of in the cannabis retail market today.  We are happy to process your THC into Delta-8 from either flower, crude or raw oil.    Find out more about the Delta-8 Service

Flavoring and/or Filling

We offer flavoring services with our unmatched terpene and terpene inspired® flavor blends. 

All the way from "Average Cannabis" to "White Widow" our native®  terpene flavors are created

to bring out the flavor of your cannabis product while our inspired® blends take it one step  further

by using the natural terpenes found in cannabis and other botanicals. 

Check out the stock flavors available

Would you like to receive fully processed and filled product?  Contact us about our filling services.

Product Development​

Some of our clients like the ease and comfort of our full service process.  From flower to store shelf we do the extraction, distillation, flavoring, filling and packaging of your product. Contact us about our full service processing.

Flower Distribution

Are you a grower that wants to keep growing and leave the selling and distribution to someone else?  We have partnered with some of the best Washington Growers to distribute flower to the Washington retail market.  Having already jumped the hurdle of getting our foot in the door at store level, our sales team is ready to distribute your flower.  

Contact us about becoming a flower distribution partner.

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