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Tips for Dabbing


First and foremost with dabs, be safe but have fun. It's never fun to waste your loot because you did it wrong and it's certainly not fun to get a high that you weren't expecting. Following some of these tips will help you to fully enjoy your Two Heads Co. Dab.

Dosing: Start Small Get Larger Dabs are called dabs because you are meant to just take a dab of concentrate to burn. If you aren't a seasoned smoker, start small because for some of us, the high from a dab is just too intense. The ideal size to start with is just enough to coat the end of your dabber. Work your way up to a comfortable dab each time and before you know it, you will know your tolerance level.

Torch Safety Dabbing will inevitably involve a torch. Be careful with your torch as you don't want to burn yourself, something or someone else. Don't just be waving that thing around willy nilly. Before starting up the torch, make sure that anything flammable that’s in the area of your glass and nail is removed to prevent any accidents while you are dabbing. Also, make your buddy hang back a bit. Besides this will also prevent you from having to worry about a dab grabber. We'll talk about that in a different post because it's less about dab safety and more about your buddy moving in on your dab.

Keep Your Dabber Clean It goes without saying that a dirty dabber is a downer for sure. Hair, belly button lint and even bugs will stick to a dabber that has not been properly cleaned. Heat your tool a little bit and wipe it off between hits for guaranteed cleanliness and pure terpene flavor.  A dirty dabber will make your dab taste like butt! 

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